Andrew Sondern
Art Direction, Design, Illustration

The Tiger

Art Directors:Katie Rose, Caden Ohlwiler, Angela Zhou

Design Editor:
Pavithra Vijayakumar

A selection of pages and covers that I designed or art directed during my time as chairman & creative director of The Princeton Tiger, a student publication at Princeton University.

Left, photograph and cover by Andrew Sondern, composite by Caden Ohlwiler; right, illustration by Angela Zhou.

Both of these covers seek explicitly to deconstruct images of or institutions at Princeton. ‘Hogwarts’ subverts the image of the University as cloistered, gothic monasticism with a middling mid-century dorm widely mocked for its attractiveness. At right, ‘That Side of Paradise,’ flips the title of Fitzgerald’s famous debut and depicts a bloodied pass to an eating club—a reminder of the costs of bloodthirsty social climbing and exclusivity.

Design by Andrew Sondern. Left, illustration by Katie Rose; right, illustrations by Rita Fang

Design by Andrew Sondern. Illustrations by Katie Rose

Getting There is Half the Fun

In late 2014, Tiger ran severely under budget and was forced to print its travel issue in black and white. Rather than dedicating my time to selling ads, I art directed and framed the issue as a lost “time travel” issue from the 1950s—complete with ’50s-style line art, typography, and advertising (fake and real)—to turn the issue’s greyscale limitation into an asset. Printed on ivory paper and filled with archival line art and fake snake oil advertisements, Getting There is Half the Fun was saved.
Art Directors
Angela Zhou & Caden Ohlwiler

Design Editor
Pavithra Vijayakumar

Angela Zhou (cover)
Mariana Medrano
Rachel Roberts

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