Palmer is a book about Palmer Square, a gentrifying development in late-1930s Princeton, NJ. Complete with maps, a typography study, and several photo essays, Palmer examines the forces that led to the creation of the square and its evolution, while also understanding the built environment and communities that it displaced. I also redrew Palmer Square's custom, woodcut edition of Caslon Oldstyle Caps – a font that is required by town ordinance to be displayed as signage type for shops in Palmer Square. A specimen appears in the selected pages at right.

This book was completed as a joint project in January 2015 for Danielle Aubert's "Advanced Graphic Design" and Vera Candiani's "History With Things." Cover image from Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida. All other photography by Andrew Sondern. St.jpg Spread.jpg

The photo essay from which this and the following spread are excerpted examine the façade of organic development and the revealing stuccoed homogeny of the alley behind it.